Mayfield College Blog 8th – 12th February

This week in Mayfield College has been busy.  On Thursday we had a power cut so nothing was working.  We couldn’t stay at the College, so everyone went to different places.  Alex and Hannah went to Mayfield School; Alex went in Frankie’s class for the morning and Hannah went swimming and had some time in soft play.  Niall, Jack and Laura went to South Devon College to look around and get a feel for the place as they may decide to go there next year.

This Tuesday Aaron and Luke were the chefs and made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday – everyone had one and loved them.

On Wednesday, Alex had a visit to South Devon College to have a look around.

Hannah and Laura have been making candles for Valentine’s day, and a post box for others to post any cards for someone special.

We hope you had a good week and enjoy your half term.