Mayfield College Blog 7th – 11th December

This week has been really busy at Occombe.  Last week we went to buy our Christmas tree and we have been busy decorating it.  Everyone helped and with the rest of the decorations around the College, it is all looking great.

Ethan, Jason and Stano have been out a lot doing their work experience and we have heard they are really enjoying it.

Alex has been performing in his last ever Mayfield production, he said he really enjoyed it and he didn’t want it to end.

Last week Laura and Hannah planned their own trip out to access the community.  They chose to have their nails done.  Hannah had pink nails and Laura’s were sparkly!

This week we had a visitor with us called Junior.  he is really good fun and has made friends with us all, especially Niall.  We hope he stays with us a bit longer.