Mayfield College Blog 23rd – 27th November

Last week and this week, Alex has been going to Mayfield School for the Christmas Play rehearsal and he is really enjoying it.  He’s playing the role of ‘Scrooge’ and he said he is doing really well and has learnt his lines already!  It is his last Christmas production as this is his last year with us.

At Mayfield College, every Friday the Blue Group goes to Mayfield School to do Functional Skills with Frankie.  We have been doing some practice mock exams to get us ready for the real thing.  Some of it is quite hard but we are getting there slowly.

Jason and Stano started work in the kitchen at the Rainbow Hotel this week.  They will be working two days a week for 6 hours a day.  We wish them luck!

With all these pupils out doing other activities this has meant our building has been a little quitter, so Hannah and Ben have taken advantage of the extra space to move around.  Hannah has been walking independently and Ben has been doing great in his walker, he has even been playing pool!


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