The Chestnut Centre is located at the top of Chestnut Drive, overlooking that side of Brixham.  The site is safe and secure, inside fencing and a gated entry system.






Sports Hall

The hall is nestled in the centre of the school and is used for a variety of activities.  The climbing frame and gymnastics equipment is a great way for the kids to vent their energy.  The hall is also used for Karate, dancing and other sporting activities throughout the week.






Recreation Areas

Chestnut has some inspiring features to it’s outdoor spaces.  There is a pond habitat which is an ongoing project for the children, to help them learn about the outdoors, lifecycles and the responsibilities of managing a project.  There is also a multi purpose sports court, which has been designed to be bright, uplifting and motivating.







Each classroom has a smart board for interactive learning.  Each room is tailored to fit the needs of the age group, and the specific needs for the children within.  Every room has designated areas for children to be quiet and have their own space.