Mayfield College Curriculum Intent

In the Post 16-19 stage students move from main site to the FE college on a site 5 miles away. Students follow a life skills curriculum which emphasises the application of all the basic skills pupils have acquired being used in the community and in real situations. For example students are cooking all the meals for the provision and are responsible for the cleaning on a daily basis. Every student that has the appropriate skills will be involved. Students may be on internships, travelling to the college independently or engaged in work related learning which has elements of citizenship ie forest husbandry. Their physical activity takes place in the local gym or swimming pool and they are taught to make use of services such as the library, cafes or beauty salons. Travel training is given to most students.

The offer in the college focuses on:

  • Communication
  • Basic Living Skills
  • Creativity
  • Citizenship and Work Related Learning
  • Digital Literacy
  • Personal Development, Leisure and Exercise

College Curriculum Overview 2020

Last Reviewed: July 2020