China, our travel diary and blog

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We had a good journey to Heathrow. We had a couple of stops on the way and arrived just after 12. It took a little while to sort out our tickets but we eventually checked in and had a sandwich using our tombola money.

There wasn’t much time for a look around. We made our way to the departure gate and boarded the plane early. We were mainly sitting together near the back of the plane – a Boeing 747.

There was some turbulence on the flight but nothing too bad. Liam was a little pale but perked up a bit as the flight went on. I don’t think any of us got much sleep but we snoozed a bit.

I’m writing this at 1.45am British time but its 8.45 here and we land in about an hour.

Landing and passport control was fine and we were met at the airport by the teachers from the electrical school. Miss Jiao and teacher Guan. It was really hot – 26c and we were all happy when the air conditioning went on in the bus.

We went for lunch in a pizza buffet which was a hit and then to the hotel. It’s lovely. Myself, Bradley, Liam and Harry are next door which is great. We had about half an hour to unpack our stuff and then went for a walk to look at some art galleries nearby. We are staying in is the artistic quarter.  It was really interesting – there were sculptures made of a waxy material and a fantastic golden palace. We also went to a gallery sponsored by Hyundai which had lots of exhibits inspired by cars.

We then came back to the hotel, had 15 minutes and then had the welcome meal with the teachers from the electrical school. The food was lovely. There were lots of speeches and sharing of gifts.

However, we were all really tired and were glad to get to our rooms at 7 pm, midday your time. We are all looking forward to a good nights sleep so that we are ready for tomorrow.