China Blog Tuesday 20th October

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We can’t believe this is our last night in Beijing. We have another busy day.

We went to An Hua School this morning which is the school Mayfield has closest, links with. It was lovely to see Rebecca and Christina there. We had a tour of the school and there have been lots of really positive changes. The learning is much more child centred and the rooms more conducive to learning for children with a learning disability.

After the tour we split into two groups. One group sorted tea leaves and tasted traditional Chinese tea and the other group did some calligraphy. They wrote their names in Chinese characters and made mobiles. We had lunch with everyone in the school.

From there we went to the Olympic village. We went to the pool and the Birds nest stadium. Happily, we had an earlier finish to the day and came back to the hotel for 4 and sorted our bags for tomorrow. We then had the farewell meal with the teachers from the electrical school. This was our most interesting meal so far! One dish had chickens feet and a chickens head including beak comb and tongue on it. The students managed it really well, probably better than the adults!

So, we are now packed and ready to go to Xian tomorrow evening. Tomorrow we go to the Forbidden City and the market again in the evening. I think most of the students would just like to go to the market to spend their yuan! The weather has been chillier today and we even had a little bit of drizzle.

The hotel was lovely and in a really good spot. We are popping off it in a minute. We don’t think the lads had enough to eat so were going to go and grab a burger! The city at night is great, lots of traffic, beeping cars and bright lights. The students have managed it really well and don’t seem to find it a problem. They have been fantastic.