China Blog Sunday 18th October

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Off to the Temple of Heaven today. We met Grace, Mr Lock’s old friend from China, so it was good to have a local guide to show us around. We loved watching the people dancing singing and socialising in the park. The buildings are amazing.

From the temple we caught the tube to the zoo. We had a traditional Chinese lunch which was possibly a bit too traditional for some of us. Bradley said his noodles were like an inferno! The zoo was fantastic. The panda section was built for the Olympics and was amazing. They were all really active and we got some great pictures. Liam is chief photographer! We intended only to look at the pandas and tigers but of course got diverted and spent longer than we intended.

From here we had another tube journey to Wangfujing market. This was a real assault on the senses. We walked through the food stalls and some of the students enjoy barbecued pigeon (not our guys!). They avoided the starfish, snakes, scorpions on a stick and deep fried cockroaches! After our lunch experience we tried traditional Chinese KFC and Pizza Hut.

We caught the tube back to the hotel. This was an experience. We had to make three changes and at me station the train doors didn’t line up with the platform doors so we had to really act like locals and force our way in. We were home by 9, quick shower and happily off to bed.