China Blog 22nd & 23rd October

Terracotta Army visit today. A cooked breakfast came with the charge so we tucked into scrambled egg, bacon toast and jam before we left for the 1 1/2 hour journey.

Xian seems to go on forever, and it was interesting weaving in and out of traffic. Luckily our driver was more a flash your lights kind of driver, rather than a toot your horn one. We picked up our guide Jah Jah on the way and she gave us some information about the warriors during the journey.

You walk to the exhibition halls – called pits – along a wooded path. Jah Jah suggested we look at pit 2 first, then 3 then 1. This was a really good idea. The first pit contained the first warrior to be found – the kneeling archer. The second pit was smaller and was the command centre for the army. The menial pit we went into contained 2000 warriors, lots in rows. There were also loads waiting to be put together. It takes three to four months to reconstruct a warrior. From here we went into the cinema and watched the 360 film about how the warriors were made and subsequently discovered. They were found by a farmer looking for a well in 1976. Last year he signed our book but evidently now he is in his eighties and too old to come into the museum.

We had some lunch which was good but a bit spicy. Bradley, as always used his chopsticks to eat everything, even the steamed buns.

Back to the hostel for 5 so we had an hours rest and then ventured out to the Muslim market, via a traditional Chinese McDonalds.

The market was hectic and a bit much for some of us. There were lots of street food vendors and hundreds of people. Mr Lock sorted us all out with our terracotta statues, making sure we got the best prices. We spent some time looking around and when it started to rain we moved into the covered market.  We got some more bits and bobs and then caught taxis back to the hostel. It was nearly ten by the time we got back so the students were quickly off to bed.

Another fun packed day, Bradley thought the warriors were great and Harry said they were phenomenal.