E-Safety Advice

As part of our #WakeUpWednesday campaign, a FREE guide has been created by the National Online Safety Team to share to its community about Roblox, the online game which is dubbed by its makers as ‘the largest interactive social platform for play’. Our guide informs parents about the dangers associated with the platform and how they can […] Read more »

Start Bay Residential

For this year’s residential, some pupils from classes 5 and 6 went to Start Bay in Slapton. After leaving the school on Thursday morning and arriving at our destination, we headed straight to the beach!  We searched for different materials to use to create our very own beach art.  Some pupils found shells, whilst others used […] Read more »

Parent’s Blog

Welcome to the new Parent’s Blog! This is a designated area to share ideas and information with other parents.  This term’s blog focuses on activities the pupils can do, opportunities where parents can get together to socialise and share experiences. Below are some reviews  on local activities and links to their website: Torbay Leander Swimming […] Read more »

Science Week 2018

We had a great week before the half term celebrating Science Week.  Our main focus was ‘forces’ and there were lots of exciting events and activities happening all around the school throughout the week. Pupils investigated gravity by letting leaves fall to the ground, and cars roll down tracks. Older pupils tried balancing peacock feathers […] Read more »