Start Bay Residential 2017

With the warmer weather comes the time for another residential trip.  This year some of the pupils from Classes 5 and 6 stayed overnight at Start Bay in Slapton.

On Thursday 4th May, they headed off to Start Bay to explore the nature reserve.  They enjoyed thinking about different minibeasts, going on a minbeast hunt, exploring their homes and matching examples of minibeasts found in the garden at Start Bay.

Pupils also had lots of fun using the low rope obstacle course within the garden before sitting down to a campfire where songs were sung and marshmallows toasted before going to bed.

On the Friday morning the pupils explored the garden to select a range of natural plants and materials to create a collage in the shape of animals.  They went to the pond where they explored the different plants and animals that live in and around the water.

In between the planned activities they enjoyed team building activities such as playing playground and parachute games and completing large floor puzzles.

After a picnic lunch, they returned to the school just in time to go home as usual.

They were lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful sunshine over the two days and everyone had lots of fun.  The pupils were a pleasure to be with, and we thanks those who helped support the trip.