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Chestnut Residential 2017

Pupils from Chestnut have returned from their residential trip to Heatree House in Dartmoor with many fun and happy memories!  They spent 2 nights at Heatree where they took part in the activities on offer during the day.  The went out on a bike trail through the forest as well as going through the assault […]

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Outdoor Improvements – Pond Project

During the Easter Holidays we had some very exciting pond improvements that have been carried out by an amazing local company called Layton Landscapes Plus who are based in Torbay.  They very kindly donated their time, resources and materials extending the pond  before the end of the holidays. Since the pupils have been back they […]

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Spring Blog

Pupils at Chestnut had a great start to the Spring Term.  One of their highlights from the Half Term was when they were introduced to a range of animals, kindly brought in by a local keeper to teach them some interesting facts about each of the animals.  They all got to hold the animals and […]

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Fire Station Trip

Some pupils from Chestnut took a trip to the Fire Station where crew members took them on a tour of the premises.  They were shown where the Firemen sleep and eat and were also shown inside one of the Fire Trucks.  They even got a special message from the Fire Control saying ‘hello’! The pupils […]

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