Science Week 2017

We have had an amazing time for this year’s Science Week.  The theme was Investigators and Detectives.  There were a range of fun and challenging activities on offer and the pupils really enjoyed the hands on learning.  Some classes looked at camouflage and how animals try to blend in with their surroundings, whilst others investigated the different effects of colour and light on objects.

Some of the Primary pupils went into the woods on their very own Bear Hunt.  There were also a series of events around the school that called for the pupils to don their hats and grab the magnifying glasses in order to solve the various ‘crimes’ around the school.  A biscuit thief was on the loose, but thanks to the excellent tracking skills of the classes, he was soon made to answer for his crimes.  After following a trail of clues across the school, we are pleased to say that the missing school rabbit, Wishes, was also found safe and sound.


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