Science Week 2016

What a fantastic week we have had here at Mayfield celebrating Science Week.  Foundation and Key Stage 1 pupils have been looking at Seasonal Changes, whilst pupils from Key Sate 2 and above have focussed on Space and the Solar System.

Classes 5 and 6 visited Haldon Forest and walked the ‘Stick Man’ trail, looking at nature in Autumn and Winter.  Classes 3 and 4 had a great time looking at wind and creating snow!

We had an Explorer Dome brought in as part of the Space Workshop and the children really enjoyed the experience.  The pupils have made some great displays, making their own rockets with balloons or Tin Foil.

Gill, our Art Co-ordinator, has spent the week making a giant rocket, complete with cockpit, control panels and heat shields.  The children have really enjoyed climbing inside ready for Countdown!!