Our Values


We will provide a safe, accessible and stimulating environment, which is valued by all users of the school, which is monitored regularly to ensure the children’s and staff’s needs are met.  We will achieve this through risk assessment, health and safety procedures, appropriate attention to DDA requirements, and good premises management and investigation.


We foster positive links with the local community to promote the expertise of the school and to improve the development opportunities for both pupils and staff.  We will work in partnership with parents and professionals, in order to best meet the needs of the public.  We will achieve this through inclusion, outreach, access to the community for curriculum purposes and work experience.


We will work in an ethos of mutual respect and support within a structure that values an appropriate work life balance.  We will achieve this by ensuring effective communication, efficient systems, equal opportunities, strong teams and good performance management.


Pupils will be encouraged to develop their individual potential to be happy and motivated, confident and valued members of the school and the wider community.  We will achieve this by developing our understanding of individual needs within an ethos of mutual respect, effective safeguarding procedures and high expectations.

Teaching and Learning

We will offer a stimulating, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum, which meets pupil’s individual needs.  We will aim to recognise their efforts and celebrate their achievement through a variety of teaching and learning experiences.