New facilities for Chestnut

There has been a week of heightened activity at Chestnut this month.  Imagine DIY SOS at it’s absolute best!

Working in partnership with the Wooden Spoon Charity who funded this project, Fusion Community Initiatives who ran and took charge of the design and build, Young Adults from the HITZ Squad in conjunction with Exeter Chiefs and Rugby Tots, we were able to design build and commission a 3 week project in just one day!

On Monday 5th March, the Fusion Team arrived to no materials due to the recent snow and a very cold wet muddy field, yet they set off to work laying the foundations for the build, planning, measuring and putting in place the structural poles for the main build. Then on Thursday 8th, the project took off. 35 volunteers from the Wooden Spoon, HITZ, Fusion and Rugby Tots came into Chestnut and built a new Trim Trail and a Jungle Gym. All Volunteers worked tirelessly the entire day starting at 9.30 and the last volunteer left at around 6pm, only breaking for a 30 minute hot lunch.

The Chestnut Pupils got fully involved too, helping design the project and then helping to build what has ended up being a great new asset to the Chestnut Centre.

You can see from the pictures what was accomplished in just one main day and a huge thank you must be given to the Wooden Spoon, Fusion, HITZ and all that were involved in funding, designing and building this fantastic new area for the Chestnut pupils.

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