Mayfield College Blog 9th – 13th Nov

Last week the Blue Group took part in a travel training exercise to Buckfast Abbey.  We caught the Gold bus to Totnes and the 88 to Buckfast Abbey.  We went in the Abbey and explored and learnt a little about the history of the building.  We then took a tour of the gardens and had lunch in the café.  The group felt proud of themselves for achieving this new goal.

On Wednesday morning, a group from here and Frankie’s class went to the Vue Cinema in Paignton to watch ‘Jurassic World’.  It was a great treat and everyone enjoyed it!

Harry sent us an email from Australia this week to tell us about a day trip he had to Rottnest Island.  he tells us he is having a great time and is off to Hong Kong next before returning back to school next week.

Written by Jason and Alex.
buck-abbey buckfast-abbey