Mayfield College Blog 2nd – 6th November

This week, we had one pupil start their internship at Whiterock Primary School.  He is working with Key Stage 3 and 4 supporting breakfast club, PE lessons and after school club.  We are very proud of him as this is not only a massive step into the working world, but also a great achievement for him personally.

Jason and Stano this week have started as assessment process with Simon from PLUSS.  Simon is an ex-chief and is putting Jason and Stano’s kitchen skills to the test to see if they will be ready to start an internship in a professional kitchen in the very near future.  So far the boys have impressed, so things are looking positive.

We had visitors from Hollicombe on Wednesday afternoon which was lovely as there were a few old Mayfield faces, but also a few clients that used this building before we had it converted.  We think they liked the new changes.  Laura and Hannah were invited to Hollicombe to join them at ‘flower art’ which should be really good fun.  We will put up photos next week showing what they did.

Jake was the ‘star tree chopper’ this week at Stover Park.  Well done Jake!

We have finished decorating the dining room, so we now have a great space to cook and eat.  See some pictures of us cooking great school meals.  We would like to say a big thank you to Alina for helping to clean it ready for use.

Written by Jason and Alex