Making Compost

How great are compost heaps?!

We have been learning about composting today. We watched a program about composting. It taught us how to compost and about the benefits of using a compost heap in College. We have 3 of them in our College garden.

This morning Jamie and Ben brushed up the leaves in the car park and put them in the compost pile. This afternoon they told us all about it.

We also put our vegetable scraps from lunch into the compost pile. one of the compost piles is in a brown bin with a black lid. We learnt that compost helps vegetable, flowers and fruit to grow. The compost was very smelly and stinky but we know it is also good for the environment to compost. We are hoping to use our compost every day.

Written by Hayden, Shane, Jack and Amelia (with a little help from Jess)