Disney Land Paris Residential 2017

Six of our PMLD leavers went on an amazing adventure last week to Disneyland Paris and had an incredible time. The Disney magic was in full flow and we met lots of the characters and tried lots of the rides and activities on offer. The group loved ‘It’s a small world’ and we were all singing the song for a long time afterwards!

We spent 2 days in Disneyland and one in Disney Studios, going on lots of brilliant rides and watching some awesome shows, our favourite was Mickey and the Magician, where Mickey introduced us to all of the other Disney characters on stage. We also stayed up really late to watch the Disney illuminations and the projections on the castle were truly magical, we even saw Elsa! We have had a phenomenal week and made some fantastic memories to celebrate the beginning of our group moving on to their new adult service placements.

When you wish upon a star your dreams really can come true.