Curriculum Rationale – KS4

The aim of the SLD two year curriculum at KS4 is to prepare our young people for the transition up to Mayfield College and subsequently into the next part of their lives and adulthood. It builds on the skills that pupils began to develop in KS3 and now gives them the opportunity to apply these skills in a wider context, either around the school or through access to the local community. Communication underpins all areas of the curriculum. Whilst functional application of skills is the focus at KS4, and time will be prioritised for pupils to make mistakes, problem solve and develop these skills, this is balanced by enrichment activities to allow pupils to continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them and their creativity. Teachers will maximise all opportunities for pupils to make links in their learning and the curriculum has been loosely designed around themes to facilitate this. These themes are not set in stone but should be seen more as a starting point with opportunities for pupils’ interests and needs to lead it in different directions. All pupils will be accredited in English, Maths, Personal Development and ICT Entry Level qualifications at the end of Year 11.  (See last page for detailed qualification information) The qualifications that pupils are submitted for will be dependent on their ability and the Pathway that they are on. This will generally be decided at the end of KS2 but is subject to change throughout KS3 if pupils’ progress accelerates or declines.  (See Pathways model – next page and Secondary Pathways Document for additional Information) ) For pupils on the Independent Learning Pathway this will entail sitting examinations and time will be given to teach these pupils the skills needed to do this. Where pupils are achieving Level 1 and above in a subject they may access GCSEs at Combe Pafford School. Pupils will be assessed through Entry Level criteria and non-academic progress measures such as ILP targets and skills checklists.

Please see the PMLD, Sensory and Engagement Pathway Curriculum document for information for these pupils.

pdf-iconKS4 SLD Curriculum Overview September 2018


PMLD Primary Sensory and Engagement Pathway Curriculum overview September 2018

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Last Reviewed: September 2018