KS 3 Rationale – Learning For Life

In Year 7 pupils enter the Secondary Department at Mayfield School. Some of our pupils may be with us for up to 17 years so it is important that they feel a sense of growth and change as they move through the school. Whilst pupils will stay on the same site, the secondary curriculum and class set up is different to that in the primary end of the school. The aim for all of our pupils is for them to live as independent a life as possible where they are able to engage with different people and experiences in their community and to have a meaningful voice. For some of our pupils this may mean employment and independent living, for some a choice of day activities and continuing to live at home. For all it means a significant transition. We believe that if our pupils are to be sufficiently prepared for this transition we need to prioritise time for them to consolidate their learning from KS2 and  further develop the skills that they will need . In order to achieve this we have established a pathways model. Based on prior progress, achievement and our knowledge of the pupils’ individual needs, pupils will be grouped in terms of pathways – PMLD, Engagement, Independent Living, and Independent Learning. Pupils on the PMLD and Engagement Pathways will continue to access the curriculum in meaningful, personalised ways that engages and stimulates all of their senses and time will be prioritised for sensory processing activities. Programmes of Study on these two pathways will largely be driven by the pupils’ EHC plans and grouped within 6 different curriculum areas. Pupils on the Independence pathways will also develop their functional skills across 6 curriculum areas. The focus will be on the practice and consolidation of these skills in familiar contexts before applying these skills to new contexts in KS4. For all pathways there is an expectation that TIME will be given to make mistakes and problem solve as independently as possible, to focus on the steps of the process rather than the end product. There is an expectation that pupils on the Independent Learning pathway may be taking formal exams in KS4 and so will need to develop the appropriate skills in order to do this. Pupils on both Independence pathways will access WRL opportunities. The KS3 curriculum is a 3 Year lateral rolling programme which pupils can enter at any point and not have any repetition. This may be extended to a 5 year rolling programme for pupils on PMLD and Engagement Pathways. Each year has 5 different themes with time being given in the Autumn term for Christmas activities. The new National Curriculum programmes have been considered to ensure appropriate breadth and learning objectives may be taken from these. Pupils will be assessed P Levels the new Mayfield Assessment Continuum. Teachers  will increasingly use ILP targets and other non-academic progress measures to assess pupils.

Last Reviewed:September 2017


Long Term Overviews and Curriculum Breakdown

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