Curriculum Overview

In KS2 the team follow KS2 programmes of study using Equals documentation and follow a two year rolling programme.  The programme is reviewed by the team to ensure breadth of experience and to capture the interest and enthusiasm of the pupils.  Progress is captured through record and assessment folders using BSquared to track progress.  LSAs record progress made in lessons.  Class displays reflect work undertaken, support learning and engage learners.

In classes 5 and 10 the class teams are following a more sensory based curriculum.  This is currently being developed, using sensory assessment checklists.  With support from the interventions and speech and language team, these groups focus on assessing sensory needs.  Pupils then undertake a range of individual activities appropriate to their needs to help them prepare for learning and access the curriculum.  There is a strong emphasis on positive engagement and early communication in these groups.

In class 9, the PMLD curriculum follows the principles of a sensory curriculum using approaches developed by Flo Longhorn and Sensology.  Activities are sensory based, utilising a range of resources including the sensory room and dark area.

Last Reviewed: December 2014