Foundation & KS1

Curriculum Overview

The early years curriculum forms the basis for planning in the nursery and classes 3 and 4.  The curriculum is based around sensory and engaging activities which stimulate and enthuse the children at their individual level, capitalising on their interests.  Each pupil has an IEP and a planning and assessment folder where details of progress are recorded.

In the foundation classes, observations are completed using Interactive Learning Diaries using iPad technology.  Progress is tracked both through the EYFS profile and BSquared.  The outdoor area is used to support learning and to widen the engagement of all pupils.

An extensive range of appropriate resources are used to stimulate and engage children, encouraging independent learning and exploration.  In addition, the class team prepare activities to encourage more targeted focussed learning.

Class 6 follows KS1 programmes of study supported by Equals schemes of work.  They have a two year rolling programme supporting pupils to becoming more independent learners and to take increasing responsibility for their learning.

We follow the Jolly Phonics scheme, although it is not followed in order.  Phase 1 is looked at primarily, and then blended in to Phase 2.  At this stage there tends to be more emphasis on formation and sound.

Last reviewed: December 2014