Foundation & KS1

Curriculum Rationale

Our Early Years Foundation Stage  (EYFS) Curriculum  is for the youngest children at Mayfield School. Provision is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework for children from birth until the end of their Reception year. Children can start at Mayfield School from the age of two.

Activities take into account our belief that play is central to the children’s learning, and nurtures not only developmental and academic abilities, but also the children’s emotional development.

The EYFS curriculum at Mayfield School offers a stimulating, nurturing and safe environment in which the children may develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. We recognise that young children are active learners and that they learn through all their senses, through exploration, investigation, experimentation, listening and watching, as well as through play. It is important that the children have opportunities to interpret their environment, to learn to make choices for themselves and to grow in confidence, understanding their value within the school community.

At Mayfield School we currently have four classes in the EYFS department.

Class 1 is a base for the youngest children who are vulnerable physically or may have complex needs.  Class 2 is a base for pupils who are ambulant and active and able to cope emotionally with a busy environment.  To enable and ensure inclusion pupils are able to work in both rooms as it is judged appropriate for each pupil.

In Classes 3 and 4 the EYFS approach is carried on into KS1. There is more structure within a play based approach. Individual timetables are developed for some children where their sensory needs are higher.


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum will:
  • Offer an environment which is creative and exciting and promotes learning.
  • Encourage the children to be aware, active and independent in their choices and their learning.
  • Give children opportunities to develop a social awareness and a sense of group membership in which they may play and develop at their own pace.
  • Create a firm, but flexible environment where the children can be aware of the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ within the classroom.
  • Enable the children to work and play in a curriculum that will give them the opportunity to work towards the Early Learning Goals of the Foundation Stage.

Value and build on home and pre-school experiences, and encourage strong, supportive partnerships between home, school and other professionals.

EYFS Curriculum Overview September 2018

Last reviewed: September 2018