Mayfield School is a day school for pupils between the ages of 2 – 19 years, all of whom have a special educational need. Whilst we recognize that all of our pupils have significant learning difficulties we value all highly as individuals and acknowledge that they are entitled to the kind of education that will best meet their particular needs. Therefore all pupils will receive their full entitlement to a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum which will include the New National Curriculum

With this in mind we aim to provide for our pupils an education that is appropriate and stimulating in a safe, caring and happy atmosphere.  For this to be accomplished we believe that certain common values must underpin our curriculum philosophy which will be respected by all who come into contact with our pupils.

We believe that positive relationships are the foundation of all learning and therefore have developed an ethos that values these above all else. Providing good role models for our students is essential if we expect considerate, appropriate behaviour from them. We also believe that praise and encouragement is the best way to improve self-esteem and foster motivation amongst our pupils. We want to enable pupils to generalize the skills they learn in school, so that these become useful in helping them to understand the world outside. Most of all we want our pupils to make their own informed and meaningful choices wherever possible. These values will be at the forefront of our minds, both at work and play, in and out of school.

We also believe that all children learn best when their basic needs are met. Therefore we will work closely with parents and other agencies to ensure that pupils are safe, nourished, warm, appropriately mobilized and provided with the means to communicate. We also recognize that children learn best in practical activities which may be in school but equally provided through local, regional, national and international communities. We will ensure that pupils have access to a broad range of learning activities outside of the classroom including residential opportunities.

Being an all age school presents us with many challenges to provide learning that will eventually prepare pupils for the adult life beyond school.  Person centred planning is central to our work with all students but is especially important as they reach transition. From 14years old students follow curriculums which will provide accreditation of their achievements and support preparation into adulthood. These may be vocational or continuing academic learning

Mayfield School welcomes the opportunity to work with parents, members of the local community and other agencies, with a professional interest in the well-being of our pupils. We endeavour to provide all pupils with extended opportunities and encouragement to participate, achieve and enjoy their learning.