Creative Arts Week

Welcome back to the last term of this academic year!  We hope you had a great half term.  The last week of the Summer 1 term was Creative Arts Week with the focus being on portraiture.  Each class took inspiration from a different artist to create their own unique portraits.  Our corridors were then brought to life as their creations were displayed around the school, and pupils were guided around the school to look at the other classes work.  There was a ‘build a face’ stand, where visitors were able to create their own faces out of beads, bottle tops and googly eyes.  The over-sized collage of teacher Nick was particularly good, with smaller portraits of the pupils making up the larger portrait. One class looked at creating models of the hands, and the effects were amazing!

Thank you to all of you who came to look around, and we think you will agree that the effort and hard work that went into their artwork was astounding!  Well done Mayfield!