China Blog Saturday 17th October

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China diary – Saturday 17th 2015

Down for breakfast at 7 and were out on the bus at 8. It took about half an hour to get to the summer palace. We went with the teachers from the electrical school and her little girl called Lisa.

The palace is a huge park built around a lake. We walked around and caught a dragon boat across the lake. There were a few shops so they lads were able to make a start on their souvenir buying. Liam thought It was the most amazing palace he has ever seen, lots of colours and patterns. The day went splendid. Also I finally realised what it will be like to walk up the stairs at the Great Wall of China.’

Harry was interested in the temples – ‘The Gods where people gave them lots of money to worship them.’

Bradley liked walking back through Sizhou Street because of the view. He thought it looked like an old city.

Sizhou street is a series of shops built around a canal. It was a lovely end to the day.

From the summer palace the school bus took us back into the city. The journey, took about an hour and a half. The streets are really congested and we passed three accidents. Everyone drives really closely to each other and use their horns a lot to say they’re coming through, whether there’s a gap or not! We went to the pearl market. This really was a great experience and the lads were great at bartering. They are making sure they have presents for everyone back home. Liam got it in a nutshell. He said all you have to do is say how much you’ll pay, then walk away. Then they call you back. We had a traditional tea in McDonalds – sweet and sour cheeseburgers and stir fried chips. We did see one cafe that was called Donkey Burger! We didn’t want to try that.

We caught the underground back. It’s hard negotiating the tube with a wheelchair. It makes you appreciate the lifts at home. We did find one station with an elevator but there aren’t many. The guys are great at getting on and off the trains.

The weather has been warm but a bit hazy. It is meant to be windy tonight and the teachers say it will be clearer tomorrow.