Greenhouse Planting

This week Adam prepared early potatoes to encourage them to sprout before planting. He placed them on a tray and we will wait for them to sprout. We also re-potted some lettuce seedlings. Adam mixed some compost and we sowed the lettuce seeds. The greenhouse should protect the seedlings from the cold weather. The soil […] Read more »

Science Week at Chestnut

During the last week of the Spring 1 term, pupils at Mayfield and Chestnut enjoyed Science Week. The theme for this year was ‘States of Matter’ and the pupils were able to get hands on with their own fun and interesting experiments. Willow class had a great time growing crystals and mixing liquids. At the […] Read more »

Growing Salad Sprouts

We wanted to grow some fresh salad indoors because outside was so wet. It has been raining for ages! We put two tablespoons of salad seeds in some tepid water to soak overnight. The next day we drained the water and rinsed the seeds a few times over the next few days. We will keep […] Read more »

Pallet Compost

Jacob helped move the pallets into the garden. We used brackets to join the pallets together. We filled in any gaps with pressure treated wood. To save time we used an electric drill. We wore gloves to protect our hands and keep them warm. Written by Sion, Jacob and Ben – 05.02.20 Read more »