Pallet Compost

Jacob helped move the pallets into the garden. We used brackets to join the pallets together. We filled in any gaps with pressure treated wood. To save time we used an electric drill. We wore gloves to protect our hands and keep them warm. Written by Sion, Jacob and Ben – 05.02.20 Read more »

Winter Gem Lettuce

Today we have sowed Winter Gem Lettuce inside our gardening room to grow. It is too cold to plant the seeds outside at the moment. It has been very chilly today and snowing at the college. We are looking forward to the weather warming up so that we can begin to plant outside again. Written […] Read more »

A New Year for Gardening

Welcome back to our gardening blog and happy New Year. Due to weather conditions today we have taken part in inside gardening preparation tasks. We have made a Spring job list for the college to ensure we are organised. Spring Gardening Jobs Make a new compost heap Sweep leaves off paths Hose and scrub down […] Read more »

Bird Houses

Paul, Colette and the students have been working hard in the Enterprise room to make these cute bird houses. We are very impressed with them. Today we braved the rain and wind to go outside to take some photos of the bird houses in the garden. We hope the birds enjoy them! Written by Amelia, […] Read more »