Planting daffodil bulbs in the college garden Today it is very chilly so we have had to put on our coats, gloves, hats, scarves and boots to go outside. We then had to collect the spades, trowels and gardening gloves from the garden shed. Our job today was to plant a bag of daffodil bulbs. […] Read more »


In September Ben made a weaving frame. At that time Sasha and Shane helped to weave the plants from our garden on to the weaving frame. We decided to revive the weaving with some new plants to give it an Autumn/Winter look! Our first job was to go outside and collect some cuttings of plants […] Read more »

Boot Room

When gardening, one thing we know at college is that we need to wear the correct clothing, including boots and coats. We have spent the last two weeks problem solving. Our college boot room was a confusing mess of boots and coats and needed a new lease of life! These boots needed a place to […] Read more »

Beautiful Brassicas

This week we planted plug plants in the garden with Ben. We planted cabbage, kale and spinach. These are winter plants. We put our plants under cloches to protect them from the rain, wind and frost. We learnt about plants that are called brassicas and found out that kale and cabbage are both brassicas. Brassicas […] Read more »