Greenhouse Planting

This week Adam prepared early potatoes to encourage them to sprout before planting. He placed them on a tray and we will wait for them to sprout. We also re-potted some lettuce seedlings. Adam mixed some compost and we sowed the lettuce seeds. The greenhouse should protect the seedlings from the cold weather. The soil […] Read more »

Beetroot and Salad Seeds

Today we harvested the beetroot we have been growing in the garden. Jacob used a trowel to dig up the beetroots and we put the leaves in the compost. In the kitchen we washed the beetroot, then used a knife to cut off the roots. After that, we used a peeler to peel the beetroot […] Read more »

Growing Salad Sprouts

We wanted to grow some fresh salad indoors because outside was so wet. It has been raining for ages! We put two tablespoons of salad seeds in some tepid water to soak overnight. The next day we drained the water and rinsed the seeds a few times over the next few days. We will keep […] Read more »

Fir Cone Bird Feeders

Jamie and Ben walked to the local shop to buy some lard. They returned to the college and used the microwave to melt it. When it was ready they mixed the lard with some bird seed and then pushed it into the fir cones. We used ribbon to tie the fir cones. Sion took the […] Read more »