Boot Room

When gardening, one thing we know at college is that we need to wear the correct clothing, including boots and coats. We have spent the last two weeks problem solving. Our college boot room was a confusing mess of boots and coats and needed a new lease of life!

These boots needed a place to go when they are not in use. The problem was that our boot room didn’t have any shelves in. So the pupils and staff have made some very smart new boot racks. We are very pleased with the outcome! We now have a lovely new boot room that is tidy and much easier to find our boots.

By Amelia, Adam, Sion and Jamie (with a little help from Jess and Ben)


‘I put up a hook on the wall. I screwed the screwdriver into the wall. Hang some coats up with Ben.’ Adam

‘I helped Ben in the boot room. I picked the blu tack off the wall. I helped hoover the room and clean.’ Amelia

I was taking the blu tack off the wall. It was hard but fun and I would do it again. Thanks to everyone who worked hard on the boot room. Sion