In September 2013 the school re-designated to include a include a site in Brixham called the ‘Chestnut Centre’ catering for primary aged EBSD pupils.  Our main site in Torquay caters for pupils between the ages of 2-19 with severe and profound learning difficulties.

At the site in Torquay, the school works in 4 departments – Foundation, Primary. Secondary and Further Education. With the exception of FE there are Key stage leaders for each department and in addition one assistant headteacher assigned to Foundation and Primary and one to Secondary and FE.

The pupils are grouped in to 18 classes 4 of which are for pupils with the highest levels of medical, mobility and sensory needs.

Each class of 8/9 pupils is staffed with one teacher and at this time with at least 3-4 assistants. Very occasionally individual pupils will have full time 1:1 support for either significant medical issues or challenging behaviour. All pupils will experience a variety of teaching situations from whole group, small group or 1:1 for part of their day.

Inclusion in our school is about being able to access appropriate learning and being included in the process so PMLD pupils will have individualised education plans which may be delivered in their class base or in another class group.

All pupils have and IEP which targets access to communication, learning behaviour and ICT needs. Targets are also set in literacy and numeracy and the IEP is sent home every half term for parent’s information and reported on in annual reviews.

Home school communication is very important as parents know their child best. We have home school books for regular communication, telephone contact for less usual issues, and IEPs, annual reviews, reports and a parents evening in July for more formal communication. Parents are also invited in to share special activities and events.